We listen. We Understand. We Partner. 

We listen to our clients. Working collaboratively to build what clients need and want helping with profitability, risk avoidance, efficiency and enhanced productivity.

We understand the dealership industry. Our clients include:

  • Private family-owned dealers
  • Dealers looking to consolidate or acquire
  • Dealers considering going public
  • Private equity groups
  • Family offices
  • Public automotive retailers

We leverage our industry knowledge to help identify solutions surrounding dealership trends and hot issues, which include:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Succession Planning
  • Facilities & Factory Matters
  • Fraud & Risk Advisory
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • People & Talent Acquisition

We partner with our clients and critical industry stakeholders – working to bring knowledge and access to key resources in banking, legal, talent acquisition, technology and brokers.

In addition to providing core tax compliance, audit and assurance services to dealers nationwide, we work with clients at every point in the dealership lifecycle:

Large Private & Public Groups 

  • Centralized Accounting Assistance
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Data Room Preparation
  • Dealership Management System Consulting (DMS)
  • Dealership Risk Assessments & Internal Controls
  • Enhanced Financial Reporting Controls & Systems
  • Enterprise-wide Risk Assessment
  • Fraud Investigations, Detection & Prevention Assistance
  • Industry Benchmarking & Related Advisory Services
  • Internal Audit & Assurance
  • Large & Publicly Held Dealership Group Management and Financial Reporting Issues
  • Policy & Procedure Evaluation Assistance
  • Pre and Post Closing Financial Statements
  • Pre-Sale / Purchase Dealership Due Diligence
  • Purchase Price Adjustment Assistance
  • Regulatory and F&I Compliance Challenges
  • SPA / APA Advice
  • State & Local Tax Implications for Multi-State Dealers


Public Company Credentials

  • Auditor for more than 3,000 companies including 50+ SEC or public companies
  • Extensive PCAOB Experience
  • Firm's Professional Standards Group & Director of Assurance and SEC Practice Based in Charlotte
  • Current Representation On:
    • Auditing Standards Board
    • FASB and IASB Joint Transition Resource Group for Revenue Recognition
  • Experience with Internal Controls:
    • SOX Documentation & Testing
    • IT Audit/IT SOX
    • Transactional Readiness
  • Relationships with Key Lenders and Debt Issuers
  • We Have a Team Identified for Dealership Retailers

Multi-Store Groups

From helping you meet your state and local tax requirements to overcoming related facilities and improvements challenges, DHG Dealerships works by your side to meet the needs that expand across your multiple rooftops and locations:

  • Centralized Accounting Assistance
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Cost Segregation Studies
  • Data Room Preparation
  • Dealership Management System Consulting (DMS)
  • Dealership Risk Assessments & Internal Controls
  • Enhanced Financial Reporting Controls & Systems
  • Enterprise-wide Risk Assessment
  • Fraud Investigations, Detection & Prevention Assistance
  • Industry Benchmarking & Related Advisory Services
  • Internal Audit & Assurance
  • Large & Publicly Held Dealership Group Management and Financial Reporting Issues
  • Policy & Procedure Evaluation Assistance
  • Pre and Post Closing Financial Statements
  • Pre-Sale / Purchase Dealership Due Diligence
  • Purchase Price Adjustment Assistance
  • Regulatory and F&I Compliance Challenges
  • SPA / APA Advice
  • State & Local Tax Implications for Multi-State Dealers

Single-Point Dealerships

We place tremendous value in our single point dealership clients, just as they place tremendous value in their clients. Our relationship-driven and experienced dealership professionals focus on meeting your needs from every angle.

  • Dealership Audit & Review Services
  • Dealership Buy/Sell & Transaction Advisory
  • Dealership Litigation Assistance
  • Dealership Management Recruiting
  • Dealership Succession & Estate Planning
  • Dealership Tax Compliance
  • Dealership Tax Savings Strategies & Industry Specific Elections
  • Dealership Valuations
  • eXception Reporting & Executive Eye with Dealer Dashboard
  • Facilities Planning, Tax & Financing Assistance
  • LIFO Computations

We anticipate client needs. Working alongside our customers combined with our commitment and involvement in organizations such as NADA, NADC and AICPA, we are equipped to identify emerging trends and challenges that may impact financial operations and tax perspectives.

DHG leverages significant industry experience to deliver competitive intelligence, insights and ideas to improve performance under your rooftops and across your business. In addition to core tax, accounting and audit services, DHG Dealerships works with dealers of all size nationwide. Why choose to work with DHG Dealerships? We bring you:

  • Partners committed to providing hands-on attention to clients and building valuable relationships, reflect the importance of your own customer relationships
  • Resourceful and experienced professionals closely aligned to the diverse needs of dealerships
  • A large suite of services including:
  • Buy/Sells
  • Facility Improvements
  • Cost Segregation Studies
  • Dealership Succession & Estate Planning 
  • Dealership Management Recruiting
  • Risk Assessments
  • Centralized Accounting
  • Internal Controls
  • DMS Analysis
  • Valuations
  • Litigation Support
  • Fraud & Forensics
  • State and Local Tax.

We collaborate with Dashboard Dealership Enterprise to provide you eXception andExecutive Eye. This web-based tool partners with the dealership DMS to extract key data for effective dealership management review. 


DHG offers a wide range of assurance services including the audit, review and compilation of financial statements and the examination and compilation of forecasts and projections.

We have developed a proprietary product called DHOR (Dixon Hughes Goodman Operating Report) for fast and seamless gathering of transactional and financial data to enable in-depth analysis in order to provide the maximum return of your investment in the audit process. Our trained professionals will review financial records and data and assess their validity. We understand that this historical information is essential as a basis for making important management decisions as well as relied upon by involved third parties.

Want to quickly evaluate dealership performance? Use Eye on Your Business, an electronic financial statement analysis tool that will easily isolate performance in the areas of profitability, asset management, expense control and personnel productivity.

Employee Benefit Plan Audit

In today's ever-changing regulatory environment, the rules governing employee benefit plan reporting are becoming increasingly stringent and complex. DHG audits hundreds of qualified benefit plans and our professionals are well versed in the maze of regulations. Utilizing DHG's employee benefit plan professionals to manage these complexities will allow you to concentrate on your core business of operating a dealership.

Read more about our Employee Benefit Plan Audit services

Internal Audit

We check under the hood

Our internal audit services help ensure that you're operating in a secure and efficient manner. Our risk-based approach allows each visit to address the issues that present the greatest threats to your dealership in the financial, operating and compliance areas.

  • Remote electronic engagement scoping helps modify each engagement prior to field work
  • Findings summary totals findings ranked as critical,
    pressing or cautionary
  • Findings report provides detailed observations and recommendations
  • Detailed risk assessment presents scoring matrix with nine measured risks for each tested audit area
  • All findings delivered in closing meeting prior to departure

Outsourcing of Internal Audit

Allow your organization to concentrate on its core business and remain focused on selling and servicing vehicles by selectively outsourcing your internal audit function to the professionals in DHG's Dealerships. With our combination of proprietary technical audit tools and seasoned automotive professionals geographically dispersed in offices throughout the US, you can be assured of prompt service and a competitive alternative or an additional resource to your current needs.

We offer customized solutions to your unique needs and business model by coupling our use of technology with our industry specific professionals. This allows us to offer a comprehensive and compelling resource at a lower cost.

By providing a customized and unique internal audit solution to your dealership group and working in conjunction with your external audit resources, we are able to integrate a joint audit solution that will lead to simplified audit procedures and reduced costs.

Tax - Estate Planning

Successfully and responsibly transferring the wealth that you have created requires skilled advisors working together on your behalf. Our highly experienced tax professionals work closely with your personal tax attorneys, insurance advisors, financial planners and other professionals to produce comprehensive estate plans that accomplish the results you desire.

As automotive professionals, we bring a unique perspective to compliment our CPA skills. The automotive industry has many special attributes and business conditions that require professionals who are well versed in those nuances and who can translate that knowledge into tangible results for their clients. Awareness of the industry, attention to the current taxation environment, being proactive in recommending strategies and having the ability to compliment the skills of other professionals are special talents needed to maximize your wealth transfer.

The road to effective estate planning is filled with potholes and slippery conditions for the inexperienced and uninformed; yet if properly supported by an effective succession team, it is a road that can be skillfully navigated to lead to rewarding destinations for dealers and their loved ones.

Managing your estate needs to be done on a timely basis. Consult our professionals to review and counsel you on optimizing your planning options.

Tax Return Preparation

Tax planning should be an important part of your financial planning strategy. While this process may seem overwhelming, it doesn't have to be. DHG provides an array of tax services to help you meet your goals including wealth management, tax compliance, state and local taxation, international taxation, real estate services and representation before taxing authorities.

We have a team of tax professionals who are dedicated to the dealership industry. This team has extensive experience in federal, state and local tax compliance matters. By routinely serving our clients in the automotive industry and by focusing our skills in specific tax areas, we are able to provide services which are tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

Our experienced tax professionals offer a comprehensive array of tax compliance services such as:

  • C & S Corporation returns
  • Individual returns
  • Partnership returns
  • Trust returns
  • Multi State filings
  • LIFO computations
  • Elections

Tax - LIFO Calculations

LIFO calculations can help put your inventory to work for you by implementing tax accounting methods that minimize your tax liability and increase your cash flow. But performing the actual calculations can be complex and if your staff doesn't regularly work with LIFO, developing the knowledge and skill to complete the calculations can be difficult. 

DHG can fill that void. Our Dealership LIFO Processing Center provides streamlined Alternative Method LIFO computations for new and used vehicle inventory. Our professionals perform LIFO calculations for hundreds of dealerships nationwide. Our experience and knowledge are available to help you and your tax advisor implement LIFO to achieve the greatest tax advantages so your staff can focus on what they do best.

A valuable dealership tax accounting method.

The more than 100 DHG Dealerships professionals can help make complex LIFO computations a simple process for dealerships of all sizes. We're committed to providing high-quality computations and excellent value to your dealership, whether we're helping you get the most tax-advantageous treatment for manufacturers' interest assistance and advertising programs or simplifying Parts LIFO and complex Uniform Inventory Capitalization.

Our clients can trust our fast and efficient LIFO process. Many have found that, when compared to performing the calculations themselves, a DHG LIFO computation saves them time, money and effort. And the additional value we provide often means dealerships can take full advantage of opportunities related to interest assistance and advertising programs.

Tax - Cost Segregation Studies

Accelerate Your Cash Flow

Our cost segregation studies identify shorter-lived assets, such as electrical and mechanical systems, furniture, fixtures and equipment, reclassifying them to qualify for faster write-offs.

  • Reclassified assets qualify for 5-, 7- or 15-year write-offs instead of the typical depreciation over 39 years
  • Non-corporate owners may benefit from a substantially lower tax on the sale of property
  • Maximizing available depreciation reduces taxes and accelerates cash flow

Advisory - Financial Statement Analysis

Confused with your financial statement numbers? Want to cut through the detail to get to the performance of your dealership? Our Financial Statement Analysis Report looks at your financial statement from an operational and financial view. The report gives you key performance measurements and compares them against industry guidelines/benchmarks. Put your arms around your dealership and ask for the financial analysis report today!

Advisory - Due Diligence

Merger, acquisition and asset based lending are complicated transactions which require a trained staff to evaluate and determine the authenticity of numbers and values. For any pre-transaction review, you must be able to call on professionals who have handled hundreds of these transactions in the past and who have created the necessary infrastructure and processes to quickly ascertain the facts.

The automotive professionals at DHG, with their geographical diversity and reach throughout the US, are well versed in these types of engagements. Our use of technology and familiarity with the manufacturers' benchmarks and guidelines provides us a unique approach that enables us to expeditiously report back to the client our findings and observations. Our procedures are designed to provide reassurance to the prospective purchaser or investor that the information that they have received from the seller is reasonable.

Our procedures can be tailored to the specific needs and desires of the client and the situation at hand.

Advisory - Buy/Sell Agreements

Whether you are purchasing or selling a dealership or franchise, having the right team of advisors is critical to obtain the best results. As experienced dealership CPAs, our first task is to place you in touch with the "economic reality" of the proposed transaction by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the deal. From that initial assessment, a strategy is devised to coordinate with your legal (and other) advisors to generate the best deal. The process of completing a deal requires a highly skilled team comprised of collaborative professionals working in tandem with one another.

We have extensive experience in leading dealership transaction teams ranging from single-point, dealer-to-dealer transactions to deals with major dealership groups and consolidators involving multiple stores and franchises.

Every deal is unique, and every deal involves emotion and stress. While dealers are savvy business people and clearly know how to buy and sell vehicles, most dealers are not in the business of buying and selling dealerships/franchises. These are important events requiring the best team possible, and our professionals have loads of experience and success to share with you.

Our services include:

  • Determining the value of the dealership or franchise
  • Identifying potential purchasers or sellers
  • Coordination with your professional advisors
  • Income tax and estate planning advice
  • Direct negotiations with potential sellers or buyers
  • Review of documents with your legal counsel
  • Coordination of communications between parties
  • Coordination of communications with the factory
  • Due diligence services
  • Financial structuring advice
  • Assistance with Letter of Intent, Purchase Agreement
    and Closing stages
  • Financial planning advice

Advisory - Litigation Assistance

DHG Dealerships provides a wide range of expert witness and litigation support to the legal community. Our team is comprised of experienced litigation professionals with years of experience and success as expert witnesses and subject matter experts who fully understand the complexity and sensitivity of the dispute resolution process. We appreciate the emotional and time critical nature of these types of engagements. With our vast resources, we are able to quickly assemble a team of automotive professionals who are unmatched in the retail automotive business.

In any litigation or dispute matter, much is on the line for the involved parties. Our highly experienced professionals have assisted dealer clients and attorneys by providing expert advice and testimony, analytical research and computations and other litigation services.

As CPAs who are skilled in automotive matters, we use our unique capabilities to look beyond the numbers and provide useful advice to resolve issues. We focus on reducing complex topics to their essence and concisely communicating the facts in an understandable manner.

Our services to dealers and their advisors include:

  • Economic damages
  • Lost profits
  • Employee theft
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Factory disputes and negotiations
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Buyouts
  • Breach of contract
  • Fraud and forensic matters

Advisory - Business Valuation

Our valuation professionals are nationally recognized in the valuation profession, and they provide proficient opinions for dealerships, franchises and related entities. Our approach is to perform rigorous analyses, apply recognized valuation approaches and utilize proper empirical evidence to develop supportable and defensible valuation opinions to assist our clients and their advisors.

The specific facts and circumstances of each dealership, as well as the standard of value purpose of the engagement, determine its ultimate value. Our professionals are skilled, credentialed valuation specialists who are highly experienced in serving the automobile industry. This combination of skills and talents produces reliable valuations to assist dealers and their advisors in making the best choices possible when accurate decisions are required. 

DHG can help you in:

  • Purchasing dealerships/franchises
  • Selling dealerships/franchises
  • Estate/gift planning and return preparation
  • Income tax planning and return preparation
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Negotiations/disputes with manufacturers
  • Divorce
  • Due diligence

Risk - Compliance Risk Assessment

Does your dealership have documented rate caps for financing? Do you currently have a certified business continuity plan? Does your dealership have insurance to cover theft of electronic data?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, your dealership and its reputations may be at risk. To handle risks throughout your dealership you must implement solid, ongoing processes designed to keep those risks in check. We can help.

Our Compliance Risk Assessment (CRA) focuses specifically on compliance at a fraction of the cost of a comprehensive internal audit.

By implementing best practices to reduce your risk exposure and establishing relationships with DHG solution providers, your organization could recognize cost savings through lower insurance premiums.

Schedule your Compliance Risk Assessment today!

Risk - F&I Compliance

Over the past few years, a large number of lawsuits have been filed in federal courts citing either Truth-in-Lending Act (TILA) or Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act (UDTPA) violations or both. Many of these lawsuits sought class certification.

Common complaints included:

  • Incomplete disclosure on the retail installment contract of products such as extended service plans and theft protection
  • Payments packed with products without full disclosure to the customer
  • Inconsistent collection of certain fees, including documentary, other supply recovery and hazardous waste disposal fees

Are you an easy target? Are you doing enough to protect your dealership? You need to know. 

Helping dealerships comply

If your dealership needs help meeting F&I guidelines, DHG's Dealerships can help. Our comprehensive F&I Compliance Program can help you identify and manage the risks your F&I Department faces.

Our confidential assessments can help you reduce the chance of lawsuits and minimize risk by identifying mistakes, overlooked items or noncompliance. We can help initiate processes that encourage compliance and reduce the risk of being targeted by class-action lawyers. And along the way we can help you improve employee paperwork and customer satisfaction.

Risk - FTC Safeguards Compliance

Don't Get Pulled Over For Ignoring FTC Safeguards

If you're still struggling with implementing an FTC Safeguards Information Security Plan, or if you're just not sure you've done enough, DHG can help. We've helped dealers across the country better understand and comply with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and the Safeguards Rule.

Information Security Plan (ISP) Services

  • Training offered on-site by department, including procedures for monitoring and reporting violations
  • Implementation, complete with on-site documentation including risk assessment and ISP development or modification
  • Testing of existing ISP performance/annual risk assessment documentation conducted on-site

ISP Implementation Features

  • On-site service performed by dealership professionals
  • Risk assessment documentation by department that references ISP and measures risk likelihood and impact
  • Detailed information security policies and procedures
  • Service provider detail with access summary
  • Employee training materials and acknowledgement documentation
  • Minimum monitoring and testing schedules
  • Violation reporting procedures and documentation

All results are documented and presented in an easy-to-understand manual; appropriate forms and documents are also provided electronically.

Risk - Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

DHG has a thorough understanding of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act with professionals dedicated to keeping you informed and helping you make sense of it all.

From Section 404 documentation to regular testing of your controls, DHG Dealerships is here to assist you.

Our Corporate Governance Advisory Services Group offers the following services:

  • Audit committee training
  • Code of ethics design
  • Evaluation of whistleblower responses
  • Assistance with internal investigations
  • Evaluation and design
  • Documentation meeting Section 404 requirements
  • Testing & monitoring
  • Review of management certification process

Technology - Computer Acquisition Assistance

Don't let your systems control you.

With all the hardware, software and automation options available, it can seem that your systems are in control of your dealership. So whether it's time to evaluate new systems and applications or you simply want to better utilize what you have in place, DHG can help. 

Take back control of your systems by making sure you have the best systems in place and are using the right modules —while paying reasonable rates.

Our recommendations are based on more than 30 years of dealership automation experience. In seeking the best costs/results and utilization ratio available, we get to know our clients and their operations and help them explore all of the options available so they can make the best decision for this important asset acquisition or upgrade.

When it comes to operational process improvements and acquisitions, we offer objective, confidential advice so you can:

  • Raise your bottom line
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Technology - Computer Bill Analysis

Frustrated with your monthly computer maintenance bills? Having a hard time navigating the complex maze of configurations, pricing, addendums and technology? Ever wonder if you need everything you're paying for? Computer billing is a frustrating and overwhelming experience at many dealerships.

The dealership professionals at DHG have worked for many years with the major DMS vendors and we can put that experience to work for you. We can simplify the process by reviewing your computer bill and helping you find better ways to complete the process.

Let us analyze your dealership's computer billing at no cost!

We've found significant savings for many of our clients. At our recommendation, one large auto group changed vendors and saved more than $650,000 over the life of the contract; two more dealers in the Midwest remained with their current vendors and saved over $225,000 and $370,000 respectively. A client of ours in Louisiana upgraded his system and added additional products necessary to improve dealership performance and saved $370,000 over the life of the contract.

Technology - Floor Plan Audit Report

Our FPRE Report© enables you to manage with greater control by having a complete picture of your floorplan without having to rely on the word of your lender. FPRE allows you to identify vehicles that could cost you additional expense through missed payoffs. It also identifies and lists the differences between vehicles listed on the floorplan statement and vehicles reflected in the accounting records. Next, it allows you to better use the time and talents of your accounting staff by using the report to provide analysis of problem areas rather than having to perform the time-consuming clerical tasks necessary to perform the reconciliation.

Why waste valuable time reconciling your floorplan when you can have all of the following with the click of a mouse?

  • Summary Reports - balancing to the detail of the lender statement
  • VIN Variance Reports - including VINs not on the schedule an VINs not on statement
  • Dollar Variance Reports - shows balance discrepancies
  • Detail schedule
  • View sample FPRE Report©
  • FPRE Report© current customer place order
  • Report© first time customer order information

Our FPRE Report©:

  • Saves time & labor
  • Allows you to benefit from more frequent floorplan reconciliation
  • Provides for more accurate floorplan lender transactions 

You can order a FPRE Report© individually or as an "automatic" monthly report.

Technology - Network & Technology Analysis

Turbocharge your IT system

Our IT professionals offer Network and Technology Analysis, create clean-sheet system design, and installation and training for hardware and software. All IT services include a comprehensive management letter, vendor-competitive review and savings analysis.

  • Save up to $10,000 annually on network hardware and related services
  • Review recurring fees
  • Firewall protection and electronic security enhancement 

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DHG Dealerships CPAs and advisors work to help build high performing dealerships and drive growth. Take a look at our numbers and see for yourself.

120+  Dedicated Dealership Professionals
 1,500+ Rooftops Served Nationwide 
 50 States with Dealership Clients 

Heavy association involvement in state and national level including NADA - National Automobile Dealers Association, NADC - National Association of Dealer Counsel, and AICPA Dealership Conference - American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Recent Presentations

2015 NADA Workshop Presentations

  • Healthcare Reform
  • Tax Update Panel

2014 AICPA Auto Dealership Conference

  • Keys to Analyzing a Dealership Financial Statement
  • Buy/Sell Agreements: Tax Issues to Consider

2014 AICPA Forensic & Valuation Services Conference

  • Forensic & Valuation Issues in Auto Dealerships

Numerous Ongoing State and Local Dealership Presentations

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