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From mounting financial pressures, adoption of GASB pronouncements or the overall increases in operating costs, it's more important than ever for governmental units to be allied with a team of professionals who know their sector inside and out.

Government agencies at every level – locally and nationally – are facing pressure from all sides. On one hand, their constituents want them to respond more quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, they're dealing with compliance issues, maxed-out resources and tight budgets. They need to improve their operations while simultaneously lowering costs.

That's where Dixon Hughes Goodman can help. Our experts understand the special reporting requirements for government agencies. We can also help agencies manage their finances, get the right accounting software to meet their needs and, ultimately, improve their bottom line.

Our professionals are seasoned in the complexities of governmental compliance and have a proven track record in working with municipalities, counties, school boards and other public administration entities.

For nearly eighty years, we have served as trusted advisors to public administrators. We value the importance of helping our clients improve operational performance while working to ensure compliance with laws, regulations and grant agreements.


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