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Providing Advisory and Accounting Services to the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare ServicesThe changes impacting the US healthcare system are profound and the transformational dialogue continues to accelerate for all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

The Issue Defined

Healthcare executives are asked to solve a series of complex “simultaneous equations” - creating new coordinated care delivery systems, with new industry players and partners, that deliver greater value by multiple measures, to new buyers with higher expectations. Most fundamentally, the issue is about how to manage the transition to new revenue models, generally articulated as the move from fee-for-service medicine (“do more, get more”) to non-FFS models (bundles, shared savings, etc). This evolution is well-known and to some degree understood. What is not, however, generally recognized is the fundamental and very real risk that an organization does not contemplate, and/or is not planning appropriately for, the business model risk associated with general market evolution or the maturity level of the clinical enterprise required to match the organization’s assessment of payment model evolution.

Payment Model Evolution

Payment Model Evolution

At DHG Healthcare, we believe six focus areas will enhance opportunities for success:

  • Market Assessment
  • Revenue Performance and Transformation
  • Alignment Across the Continuum of Care
  • Operational Effectiveness
  • Clinical Integration
  • Physician Enterprise Effectiveness

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